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July 30, 2000

FYI - Dow Chemical Co. has fired 50 employees and disciplined 200 others after its investigation found that workers had e-mailed pornography and violent images from company computers.  Article

FYI - An OCC advisory was issued to alert you to abusive lending practices that may involve violations of fair lending and other consumer protection laws and regulations. http://www.occ.treas.gov/ftp/advisory/2000-7.txt 

FYI - The Office of Thrift Supervision announced it is conducting a pilot program to determine whether "mystery shopping" is a feasible tool to use as part of its oversight of the thrift industry’s compliance with its fair lending obligations. http://www.ots.treas.gov/docs/77065.html 

INTERNET SECURITY - In the FDIC paper "Security Risks Associated with the Internet," we complete the FDIC's discussion about the primary technical and procedural security measures necessary to properly govern access control and system security. 

6) Viruses 

Because potentially malicious programs can be downloaded directly onto a system from the Internet, virus protection measures beyond the traditional boot scanning techniques may be necessary to properly protect servers, systems, and workstations. Additional protection might include anti-virus products that remain resident, providing for scanning during downloads or the execution of any program. It is also important to ensure that all system users are educated in the risks posed to systems by viruses and other malicious programs, as well as the proper procedures for accessing information and avoiding such threats.

INTERNET COMPLIANCE - Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Regulation B)

The regulations clarifies the rules concerning the taking of credit applications by specifying that application information entered directly into and retained by a computerized system qualifies as a written application under this section. If an institution makes credit application forms available through its on-line system, it must ensure that the forms satisfy the Requirements.

The regulations also clarify the regulatory requirements that apply when an institution takes loan applications through electronic media. If an applicant applies through an electronic medium (for example, the Internet or a facsimile) without video capability that allows employees of the institution to see the applicant, the institution may treat the application as if it were received by mail.

IN CLOSING - On Thursday, August 3, I am giving a presentation at the 23rd Annual National Director's Conference sponsored by the National Center for Credit Unions. The presentation is titled "Internet Security - NCUA Examiners' Next Hot Spot." 

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